Our Vision

To become a visitor to inventors, innovators, creators, academic researchers and their sciences, and the bridge of global transit with the least effort, time, costs and a point of contact with investors, businessmen and all institutions with competence in this important sector.


Our Message

Provide the appropriate environment for inventors, innovators, creators, businessmen or research and scientific institutions so that they meet in one place and one platform to see their interests and projects so that their research reaches decision makers and interested people from local and international institutions, universities, scientific research centers and incubators by providing them with internationally achieved sciences and projects with the highest approved standards.


How to submit a research

of the objectives of "Goidi American Journal Of Innovation, Development And Investment (Goidi)" Promote scientific research and the culture of dissemination of Arab and foreign research.
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  • Magazine Accreditation:

    The magazine is one of the institutions of the International Commission for Invention, Development and Investment and officially registered in the United States, with the issuance of the decision of the President of the Authority Dr. Ibrahim Al-Yassin on 10/07/2019, provided that an executive regulation of the magazine clarifies the administrative, technical and financial system to work in accordance with the limits of the general rules contained in this decision, and the global recognitions thereof.

    The idea of establishing the magazine:

    The idea of establishing the journal was to complement the programs of the American Joydi institutions, create a competitive environment for creativity and innovation for researchers and academics from all countries, meet the needs and requirements of business organizations, and bridge partnership links with scientific research incubators in public and private institutions.

    Introduction to the magazine

    A refereed scientific journal issued by the United States, the regional headquarters of the Organization periodically every (4) months electronically, in both Arabic and English, and publishes internationally scientific research in all fields and scientific disciplines, under the supervision of an editorial team from all countries.

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    Administrative Authority