Sub Objectives

Sub Objectives

1. Collecting and unifying the inventors worldwide to obtain the best outputs and decisions of the United Nations to advance the fate and future of the owners of the inventions and in order that their cause will become globally one issue and participate in targeted decisions in international forums and conferences and work under the Organization dome.

2. Addressing all the issues, obstacles and problems of the inventor and working on the development of effective and practical plans and not the theoretical for developing him/ her.

3. Working on the development of inventors and find and provide all the tools and training institutions to develop them to catch up with scientific development.

4. Empowering the inventors in society and their active participation in its development and working on its progress and prosperity.

5. Making efforts to find job opportunities globally and locally.

6. Supporting the needy inventors to complete their invention by providing a global fund for them.

7. Opening the door of international acquaintance in front of the inventors to learn about the civilizations of countries and the exchange of scientific and cultural experiences within the forums for highlighting new visions and prospects within the reality of their communities.

8. Working with all educational institutions in support of scientific research and involving the owners of the invention to benefit from this in each country.

9. Providing scholarships in all countries and exchanging them among the innovators.

10. Raising global awareness and opening the horizons of culture and thought to see the reality and coexistence within the possibilities available through international scientific conferences and the establishment of scientific workshops in all institutions of the Organization.