Center Of Creativity And Innovation For Smart Minds

Center Of Creativity And Innovation For Smart Minds


Our world today is growing technologically and the information in an accelerated and continuous. Never before has the world lived through this kind of development in various sectors. That's why, in the world body, we had to find a solid ground with science, expertise and competence that took young people to safety so that they could learn from the origins of science and knowledge springs.

One institution has been dedicated to this lofty goal, called the Center for Talent for Creativity and Innovation.


It should serve as a beacon for the younger generation to draw on the real and internationally adopted scientific destinations away from the shadows, ignorance, emptiness and times that are reflected in the benefits, development and progress of societies.


Teaching talented young people, the paths of scientific channels and the ways in which they can benefit from them, and identifying ways to hunt science from its proper sources through training programs, scientific evenings and international programs from festivals, exhibitions and programs on the international scene.


1. Strengthening generations with the right scientific knowledge.

2. Informing youth about international societies and cultures through international programs and sharing knowledge and experience.

3. Training programs to enhance and refine their knowledge.

4. Programs, exhibitions, festivals and competitive scientific and international competitions.


5. Instilling scientific rivalry away from time-wasting and useless brain consumption channels.

6. Bringing up the future generation is enhanced by science and knowledge.

7. Instilling scientific passion and passion from various sciences and discovering and developing individual abilities to achieve realistic dreams.


Targeted programs

1. Training programs in innovation, innovation and invention.

2. Provision of competitive programs.

3. International scientific festivals.

4. International exhibitions.

5. International events for this young generation.

6. Collaboration with community and international organizations in the participation of youth in international programs and exchange of experiences.

7. Create all default programs.

Programmed dissemination

A special issue is devoted to publishing all of the Centre's events in an American Judy store that is airtight, indexed and registered in the Library of the United States Congress and has an ISSN global standard number.

Dissemination and posting of all programs on the website of the World Body of America.

Posting on all social media.

Target millennials

Young generation from six years of age to adulthood

All global nationalities

Scope of activity of the Centre/All Nations of the world

Accreditation of the Centre

The Center is one of the institutions of the Global Universal Innovations Inc. Development. Investment, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations. The identity of the organization is American and American.