The Organization Objectives

The Organization Objectives

1. Providing a global institutional entity for all innovators and inventors and working to embrace all relevant institutions and entities under one umbrella and in order to become their own cause globally and participate in targeted decisions in international forums and conferences.

2. Incubating all relevant institutions and entities under the Organization dome.

3. Adoption of all innovations and inventions and working on scientific evaluation through the Committee of scientists.

4. Making efforts for marketing all inventors' works through holding local, global and international conferences and promoting them to investors.

5. Adopting the implementation of models of innovations prepared in writing only to facilitate their promotion and participation in all conferences.

6. Training, qualifying and preparing inventors on the methods of scientific research and refining and upgrading the skills of the inventors so that they can put forward their innovations to all interested stakeholders and through international forums.

7. Working, in cooperation with the universities, to equate the expertise of inventors and innovators to grant them equivalent degrees.

8. Registration of all inventor's data and inventions through the official encrypted website and under the highest security of confidentiality.

9. Protection of Intellectual Property from International Organizations accredited by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

10. Encouraging investors to work and partner with the International Organization to implement innovation projects that benefit everyone.

11. Developing communities and providing them with new and large capital.

12. Producing creative thinking to achieve sustainable development.

13. Innovative mechanisms to activate initiatives to promote innovative creative talents.

14. Providing innovators with scientific information in support of their creative ideas to correct them and shorten the time, effort and money for them.

15. Media promotion and support of global innovation issues.

16. Global participation in the most important issues such as poverty, diseases, asylum, unemployment, environment, energy and other matters of interest to any society and work on the support of development and progress and that the inventors become leaders in support and decision not recipients and depend on their countries, but become a vital and strategic tributary and basis contributing in offering the innovative solutions to solve the daily-life problems.