Everest International Of Invention / Eii

Everest International Of Invention / Eii

Everest works on an international programs specifically for young people, students, inventors and innovators, Creators and all that works to highlight the role of women and work to develop, evaluate Arab , foreign countries and accept members from all countries of the world
It also called for the rejection of racism, everyone in science, regardless of religion, color, race or nationality
And culminated in efforts to open channels of an international communication and embodied this through the establishment of conferences and speeches and competitions International inventors and from all countries and the establishment of international youth camps for cultural exchange and exchange Of experience
Everest also insists on renouncing violence, extremism, terrorism and filling the vacuum among young people through training programs Cultural and international issues
Everest aspires to excellence and innovation in all its operations, non-imitation of others and the provision of every program with a new perspective

Everest is a non-profit organization for innovation, invention and innovation
It is officially one of institutions of GOIDI   based in –USA

Headed by

The organization becomes the platform and container that embraces and concerns inventors, innovators and innovators specifically
Students and young people with all their aspirations and educational programs and interest in an international university education and meet under Its sponsor all the institutions of invention, innovation, creativity, scientific institutions, students and youth to find Land and a fertile environment to exercise their attention and catch up with global development

Our Mission
Create an educated community of inventors, innovators and innovators from all segments of the society, intellectually strengthened, Science and the knowledge , awareness of the comprehensive and within the framework of scientific planning and prepared away for confusion and non-methodology and randomized and blinded thought and thought and participates in providing the community with the process of construction, development and development
This is being promoted through training, capacity-building, workshops, regular scientific conferences and awareness seminars And to encourage and adopt means of luxury to fill the void with targeted community activities

The most important goals of Everest -

  • Highlighting the role of the youth and inventors internationally and demonstrating their abilities
  • Marketing their inventions and introducing their scientific identity
  • Reduce the gap between them and the investment sector and build bridges between them and the international institutions concerned  By invention    
  • Provide guidance and assistance in the registration of an  international patents
  • Supporting women and highlighting their role internationally through international forums
  • Working side by side with businessmen to overcome financial difficulties

General Strategic Objectives

  • Comprehensive education (scientific, social, cultural, political, religious and health)
  • Marketing inventions and innovations
  • Establishing training programs that promote the concept of invention, innovation and creativity
  • Establishing scientific conferences
  • Organizing competitions and international exhibitions
  • Bridging the gap between investors and inventors and bringing distances closer to the latest scientific methods
  • Supporting communities with inventions that help solve international problems
  • Introducing inventions and inventors in all possible ways
  • Issuing an international magazine to publish all inventions internationally
  • Develop the capacity and the training to adapt the labor market and support students with the best vocational courses required in
  • Local and international markets and strengthening them with the best certificates in the world market
  • Supporting scientific research and opening doors for innovation and creativity for qualified students and helping them to develop their abilities
  • Through scientific communication locally and internationally
  • To reach women to a high level and to change the society's negative attitude toward them

Programs offered by Everest

  • Establishment of international exhibitions of inventors
  • Set up international competitions for inventors
  • Establish training programs for inventors

The establishment of various international conferences

  • Establishment of conferences and women's forums
  • Setting up programs for youth (camp camps, competitions, contests)
  • Setting up sports programs for the youth
  • Establishing various training programs
  • Marketing inventions
  • Publishing inventions and introducing inventors in the International Journal of Inventors
  • Publish research in international refereed journals
  • Submit international certificates

Business and services received by Everest
1. Establishing international protocols with all governmental, private and non-profit organizations locally and internationally
2. Membership and membership
3. Request for the establishment of international branches
4. Cooperation in the establishment of training programs
5.Cooperation in the establishment of international conferences and exhibitions
6. Sponsorship of an international programs

International Arbitration Committees
Everest has nominated an international jury to work with them to evaluate inventions during an  international competitions and exhibitions.

Certificates and Credits
Everest has worked to promote the concept of the international community through the provision of international certificates and credit High-level live up to its owner and supports the practical file and facilitate the acceptance of interested donors, supporters, Investors, research and university institutions and others

Everest is a member of the international management team, including members, representatives, administrators and consultants from all Arab countries And foreigners with higher academic degrees from university professors and heads of institutions and people Distinguished experts and specialists in various fields of science and international excellence

The establishment of Memoranda of Understanding with many international institutions from
 Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria .Syria, Sudan , Palestine , And Iraq ,London ,morocco , jordan